Nevid Müsmir was born to a Turkic family in Maraghe, Iran in 1979. His father, Davud Musmir is an Azerbaijani poet, Sufi mystic and a ney musician.
Nevid was initiated to the music and poetry of the Middle Eastern people (Turkish, Persian and Arabic) at an early age through his father’s music and poetry. He developed a deep appreciation and understanding of humanism,a love of wisdom and a keen perception of divine reality. These formed the core of Nevid’s life and musical conception as a composer.
Nevid started studying setar, a Sufi musical instrument, in 1997. He also developed knowledge and skills on various traditional Turkish instruments such as temdir, tamdira (Dutar) and temire (tanbur). Nevid is deeply attached to the Turkish traditional instrument ‘baglama’. The refined and warm sounds of this instrument and the flexibility it offers to the performers have been the main factors for Nevid to choose it as his main instrument.
Nevid has a passionate attraction towards TurkishMaqam or Ashik music (Ashik means one who is in love and by love ‘love for the Divine Reality’ is meant.) Nevid thinks that Ashik music is immensely rich in its sounds, melodies and melodical fragments, as well as its scales and rhythms; and presents endless opportunities to him in composing the poetry to talk to the heart and soul of his listeners. Nevid prefers live performances as his music allows a rich form of poetic and musical communication between the performers and their audience.

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